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Sally Steele is the underdog of underdogs. Leading the day to day fight singlehandedly against corporate giants and casinos in Las Vegas with her magazine VEGAS ROCKS! Magazine.
Will she get her independent rock magazine out the next month?  Hard to tell, with a shoestring budget and low on help with a cast of characters, Sally battles on to fight for rock n’ roll! Sally is the Publisher/ Founder/Editor-In-Chief of VEGAS ROCKS! Magazine AKA’ The Publishing Queen of Rock n’ Roll’. But her duties are endless and don’t stop with just sitting behind a desk. Sally goes where no rock magazine Publisher dares to go, to do whatever she has to do to score that rock star photo and interview for her magazine.
Sally will do just about anything to get in the limelight.
Charlotte Harlotte is Sally’s beautiful daughter who just wishes her mother had a “normal job” and keeps collecting stray cats.
Forget the cushy offices of Las Vegas, meetings are held in Sally’s backyard with planes flying overhead and as she works 24/7 out of her house to keep the magazine up and running at all costs.
1Psychotic is Sally’s journalist and helps with countless tasks for the magazine and Al Rossman in his beat up blue ’56 Ford Truck is always there for Sally to videotape interviews and help get the magazine out.
The action is non-stop with conflicts to get backstage passes for events which usually end up with Sally trying to sneak backstage and always finds herself in trouble. Always in a chase for that rock star photo and interview there is drama nonstop that needs no script!
For truth Justice and Rock n’ Roll — Get ready for SALLY STEELE!


Sally Rocks Vegas

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